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Dialed In 73: Countdown to CTIA

On episode 73 of Dialed In, we dish on the latest cell phone rumors and recap this week's reviews, including the Motorola i9 and Kyocera Mako S4000.

We're headed to Vegas...again. But before we take off for CTIA, we discuss this week's latest news and rumors, including the possibility of the HTC Touch Pro2 landing at T-Mobile and Verizon's new Nokia Intrigue 6205. Is it really that intriguing? Plus, we review the Motorola i9 and HTC S743 and answer more listener mail. All this and more on this week's Dialed In.

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Rumors of the week
HTC Touch Pro2 headed to T-Mobile
Where will the BlackBerry Niagara land?

Nokia Intrigue 6205 launches on Verizon
Alltel launches the LG Banter
T-Mobile debuts WebConnect USB Laptop Stick
AT&T: No-contract iPhones coming next week
Video recording, faster networking on next iPhone?
Apple discontinues its Bluetooth headset
Bill for moratorium on cell phone taxes gets bipartisan support

HTC S743
Motorola i9
Kyocera Mako S4000
Verizon Wireless CDM8975

Upcoming reviews
Nokia 7205
Nokia 6500 Classic
Samsung TwoStep
Nokia E63