Dialed In 192: Verizon may choke you

America's largest carrier is starting to "manage" data speeds for its heaviest users, but don't call it throttling. We get to this news and more on the latest Dialed In.

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Kent German
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Verizon Wireless doesn't like to use the word "throttle" when describing how it will restrict heavy data users, but it has no problem with the word "choke." And as Jessica tells us, that's exactly what the carrier is starting to do for the "most active five percent of its 3G data customers." No, it's not very convenient, but at least the carrier is trying to be polite about it.

Elsewhere in the podcast, we tackle a new female-oriented phone from HTC that may have Rhyme, though it's without any real reason. We also dish up the latest iPhone rumors and LTE news, see who's taking sides in the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger, and discuss the latest phones to roll out of the carrier shops. In the first time in Dialed In history, there are no new reviews this week, but we do have a new CNET Prizefight and a few upcoming phones. We also have no Bonnie, or Bonnie Bear, since both are on vacation today.

Note that there will be no Dialed In next week. On Monday, October 3 we will move to our new time of Mondays at 10 a.m. PT.

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