Developer claims it's working with official Apple iPhone SDK

Developer claims it's working with official Apple iPhone SDK

Ben Wilson

Claiming that it is "working with Apple and with their SDK (software development kit) for the next firmware release and SDK applications," a company called "Tiny Code" has pulled its repository of unofficial third-party iPhone software "for legality reasons" and says "you should see us soon on iTunes."

Tiny Code maintains a collection of software for the iPhone, comprising fixes for other unofficial applications, including fixes that "reduce the chance that an old app won't work with firmware 1.1.3 ."

The company also has a strange message on its site sidebar that says "Now targeting fw 1.1.4 Alpha 2," apparently referring to an upcoming iPhone software/firmware release.

Currently, unofficial third-party applications can be installed on the iPhone via a process called jailbreaking. However, Apple is due to release an SDK this month that will allow sanctioned installation of applications on the device.

Not only do current unofficial applications exist in abundance, developers have created a fairly robust unofficial SDK, including a complete guide to iPhone development that integrates Apple?s XCode, an integrated development environment for Mac OS X. Instructions for setting up a staging area, creating a mountable iPhone filesystem, installing the iPhone toolchain, and finally setting up XCode with a custom iPhone application template are all included.

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