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Dell Thunder leaked video: When the thunder rolls

The Dell Thunder is rumoured to be a smaller sibling to the Dell Streak, with a 4.1-inch screen, an updated version of Android and a newly tweaked UI

You can't put lightning in a bottle, but you can catch the Dell Thunder on video. The weatherific phone is rumoured to rock a 4.1-inch screen and version 2.1 of the Android operating system.

We're also electrified by the Thunder's purported 8-megapixel camera and HSDPA for Web surfing faster than a crack of lightning. Its shiny, smooth case reminds us of a love child of the glossy LG Chocolate BL40 and the Android-powered Acer Liquid E

Rumour has it Dell is polishing up its own Stage user interface for Android 2.1, which customises the menus and pulls in updates from your social networks, similar to how HTC does it with its Sense UI on phones such as the HTC Desire.

We've only seen leaked press photos of the Thunder until now, but the dam has burst, with blurry hands-on photos and a snatch of video on Engadget. The UI doesn't look like Android 2.1 to us, but this is supposedly a prototype of the phone, so we'll give it a break.

Dell tells us it won't comment on rumours about its upcoming phone, so we don't know when -- or even if -- the Thunder will come to the UK. So far, Dell's only phone to land on our fair shores has been the Dell Streak, an Android tablet with a 127mm (5-inch) screen, which we thought had plenty of handy features packed into a good-looking case, but lacked a truly sexy interface.

Image credit: Engadget