Dell Inspiron E1405: That's entertainment

Dell Inspiron E1405: That's entertainment

Michelle Thatcher Former Senior Associate Editor, Laptops
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Michelle Thatcher
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Dell has refreshed its XPS M140, stocking it with new components and rechristening it the Inspiron E1405.

With the Inspiron line, E stands for entertainment, and the E1405 looks well-equipped for use as a multimedia laptop. Its 14.1-inch wide-screen display is just enough for watching movies, and it comes in either WXGA or WXGA+ native resolutions. You can opt to run on Windows XP Media Center Edition, and every system includes Dell's Media Direct software, which lets you play CDs and DVDs and even call up media files from the hard drive, without booting. Like the XPS M140 it replaces, the Inspiron E1405's case features speakers and multimedia controls along the front edge, so you can access them with the lid shut. If your brand of entertainment is gaming, though, you should look elsewhere: the E1405 does not offer the option of a discrete graphics card.

The rest of the specs:

  • Celeron M (1.46GHz to 1.6GHz) or Core Duo (1.66GHz to 2.16GHz) processors
  • Up to 2GB RAM in speeds of 533MHz or 667MHz
  • 40GB to 100GB 5,400rpm hard drives, with several 7,200rpm options
  • DVD/CD-RW or dual-layer DVD burner
  • Ethernet, 802.11, and optional Bluetooth
  • ExpressCard slot and a 5-in-1 flash media card reader
  • Starting weight of 5.3 pounds
  • The starting price for the E1405 is expected to be about the same as the XPS M140's. The E1405 is available now through print catalogs distributed in certain areas of the country and will be available on Dell.com later this week; keep an eye on our site for a full review.