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Delete iPhone photos faster with Purrge

Deleting photos with Purrge is faster and easier than deleting photos with the stock Photos app.

Matt Elliott/CNET

If you are not vigilant about keeping your iPhone photo library in check, it can quickly spiral out of control. It can be painfully slow to go through the Photos app, tapping on photo after photo to select a group to delete. With Purrge, you can delete photos faster, with less tedious tapping and more swiping. The app is currently discounted at 99 cents.

After launching Purrge and agreeing to let it access your photos, the app will play a quick 45-second tutorial video. Then you'll see a grid of thumbnails that looks similar to the layout of the stock Photos app, although your photos are ordered in reverse, with the newest photos at the top.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Tap the Select button in the upper-left corner and then you can tap to select individual photos or swipe to select four across a row. Selected thumbnails received a big X. When you are not in Select mode, tapping on a photo expands it. You can swipe sideways to browse photos and swipe up to delete a photo. When viewing expanded photos, you can also shake to undo the last photo you deleted.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Your photos aren't deleted until you tap the button in the upper-right corner. Doing so will open a dialog window asking if you are truly ready to "purrrrrrge." Photos you delete with the app are placed in your Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app just as if you had used the Photos app itself; they are kept for 30 days before being permanently deleted.