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Deer Hunter 3D comes to iPhone and iPod Touch

The classic hunting game gets an iPhone makeover. I guess simulated Bambi killing is better than the real thing. Though now that I think about it, maybe it's worse.

My idea of hunting is watching Bugs and Daffy torture Elmer Fudd. ("Wabbit season!" "Duck season!") So I can't muster up too much excitement about Deer Hunter 3D for iPhone and iPod Touch, other than to say it entertainingly simulates the cruel act of shooting defenseless animals.

I say that as someone who enjoys--nay, relishes--games that simulate shooting zombies, aliens, people, and head crabs. So, yeah, I'm a hypocrite. The difference is, I don't relish shooting these things in real life. Now, if you'll excuse me, I see a tree that needs a hug.

As for Deer Hunter 3D, it plays out in 27 woodsy locales spanning three continents. The game's colorful visuals are impressive, definitely ahead of what we've seen from hunting games like 3D Hunting, iBow Hunt, and iHunt 3D.

The most dangerous game: a 12-point buck! Glu Games

You can jump into Quick Game mode for, well, a quick game, or go on hunting trips to win awards and unlock new weapons, skills, and hunts.

The actual process of hunting goes like this: A GPS map shows your position and the positions of various game. Move your icon onto any set of wabbit twacks (could be wabbit, could be bear, deer, moose, etc.) and the game zooms in for first-person hunting.

From there you line up your sight by sliding your finger, then steady it with a tap. Down the road you'll earn guns that have scopes so you can zoom in. Then tap anywhere on the screen and blammo! You've successfully pretend-killed a cute, harmless, furry woodland creature.

Needless to say, this is not for me. It's not that I don't like shooting games, because I do. I just prefer run-and-gun action and hordes of Hellspawn. If Deer Hunter 3D sounds like your cup of sim-tea, it'll cost you $5.99.