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Danger's Sidekick II gets a quiet upgrade

New features include Javascript functions and the ability to create slide shows from your photo gallery.

Danger's T-Mobile Sidekick II handheld device is receiving an upgrade, but users may not be notified of the change before it's about to install.

Some owners of the Sidekick II, which combines a cell phone, camera, instant messaging, e-mail and Web access, have reported seeing a version 2.3 file of the device's proprietary operating system. Users aren't notified when the 5MB file begins downloading, but they are informed when it's ready to install.

T-Mobile Sidekick II
Credit: T-Mobile

Danger, which also makes the Hiptop handheld device, has acknowledged plans for the Sidekick's upgrade. New features include Javascript functionality in the Web browser; customizable screensaver; improved headset support; buddy icons for AOL's instant-messaging client; an "undo" feature for text editing; better search for text on Web pages; phone numbers that turn into links that launch the phone application; and the ability to create slide shows from your photo gallery.

The upgrade will also allow users to purchase and install an application, then inuninstall and reinstall it later without paying twice.

Danger says that the new operating system is initially being downloaded only to a select set of T-Mobile Sidekick users.

"We are beginning to test the next version of our software with a very limited group of users to ensure quality of service. We plan to announce the details and begin a complete rollout later this month," Danger spokesman Matthew Flegal said.

The upgrade, sent to a handful of users in mid-September, was then stopped for unknown reasons, according to users who have seen the upgrade. About a month later, people reported receiving the update again.

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