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D-Day: iPhone commitment issues...return now or forever hold your peace

The 14-day Apple return policy for the iPhone is going, going, and gone.

Today was the last day for us earliest of early adopters of the iPhone to return our $500 or $600 iPhone purchases. This is the point of no return. My friend Patrick wryly noted that it happens to fall on Friday the 13th. Steve Jobs does have a sense of humor I'm sure.

So, would you return yours?

I, for one, really do like my phone, if not for the functionality, for want of the question. People ask me almost daily: "Do you like it?" whether it be Post Office, Bar, lunch, standing in line at Target. I can honestly say no, I did not return my iPhone today, for all the reasons blogged about here and others more mundane. There are other people I've met (who will remain nameless) who actually returned their iPhones (Lord help us, could you imagining the hassle of dealing with AT&T to de-activae the iPhone - I wonder what the reverse process is like, anyone?) But, these people only did so reluctantly noting extra keystrokes, cost and 'bugginess' as their main reasons for their trip to an Apple or AT&T store near you.

Anyway the iPhone has its flaws, there are bugs, there are freezes, but what did we expect? But, it's not like Apple would leave us in a lurch. After talking to one of my friends at Apple who worked on the iPhone's applications about my BSOD entry, I am confident these early issues will be fixed because when I asked him: "When is that update coming? have you seen my posts?" to which Mr. Apple (a nom de plume of course) responded: "No comment."

That "no comment," of course, speaks volumes.