Cut the Rope holiday freebie: 25 Xmas levels!

Om Nom is back! Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift offers 75 new levels of candy-swinging goodness. And unlike a certain seasonal Angry Birds game, this one's free.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (for iPhone, iPod, and iPad) delivers 25 Christmas-themed levels absolutely free.
Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Not to be outdone by Rovio's Halloween- and Christmas-themed Angry Birds Seasons, Chillingo just took the wraps off Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift.

That's right: Om Nom is back, still hungry for candy, and still adorable as can be. The game serves up 75 25 new levels and immediately lives up to its name. Holiday Gift is absolutely free. You don't even have to own the original.

Update: My bad. The game has 25 new levels, not 75.

Just in case you don't, Cut the Rope works like this: Little green monster Om Nom has a sweet tooth that rivals, well, mine. In each level, a piece of candy is attached to a series of ropes you slice with your finger.

To complete a level, you need to figure out which ropes to cut, and when, to swing the candy into his mouth--collecting as many stars as possible in the process.

Holiday Gift is packed with Christmassy touches, like stockings that teleport the candy from one spot to another (I won't spoil any of the others). It probably goes without saying that if you liked the first Cut the Rope, you'll love Holiday Gift.

Show of hands: Who liked the first Cut the Rope? When it debuted in October, I suggested it might be the best iPhone game since Angry Birds. But I have to admit, while I still play the latter from time to time, I've pretty much abandoned Om Nom (sorry, little guy). The levels reached a point where they were just too difficult--for me, at least--and I lost interest.

On the other hand, Holiday Gift seems to have rekindled it. Gotta hand it to Chillingo for putting such a great little present under fans' trees.