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CTIA, here you come

Next week's CTIA shows promises cell phones galore.

Normally, we'd say "CTIA here we come," but since the biannual cell phone show is in San Francisco this time, we don't have to go anywhere. That's a good thing, as Crave much prefers to come home after a long day at a trade show rather than going to a nameless hotel in a nameless industrial park. Next week, from October 23 to October 25, the wireless industry will descend in force on our fair city, and I'll be joined by cell-phone experts Bonnie Cha and Nicole Lee to bring you the latest news from the show floor. We'll be traveling down the street to show you the newest and coolest cell phones, smartphones, accessories and services.

Samsung SCH-i760 Verizon Wireless

The fall CTIA show, officially called CTIA Wireless IT and and Entertainment 2007, is much smaller than the spring blowout, but there's still news to be found. While we don't know many specifics at this point, we do know that Samsung will be announcing a new product next Tuesday and that AT&T will reveal a new music service on Monday. Could it be that America's largest carrier is bringing us wireless music downloads? We'll have to wait and see.

Otherwise, we expect we'll see some news from T-Mobile, Sprint, I-mate and UTStarcom. And even though Verizon has kept us busy this week with its Samsung SCH-i760 announcement, we expect we'll see some new toys from the carrier as well. But whatever comes along next week, be sure to pay attention to our CTIA coverage for the full scoop.