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CTIA 2009 preview

As the CNET crew prepares to arrive in Las Vegas for the CTIA show, we give you a preview of what you can expect from the cell phone world.

As spring goes into full swing and April Fool's Day nears, the last event of the busy trade season is upon us. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association show (CTIA) is the nation's largest event dedicated to new cell phones, accessories, and services. This year it runs from April 1 through April 3 in Las Vegas.

Of course, a large CNET crew will be on-hand to bring you all the news from the show floor. On the Reviews side, I'll be in Vegas with Bonnie Cha and Nicole Lee. We'll bring you details on all the new handsets, and offer you lots of eye candy with photos and video. Nicole will also give you the dish on new Bluetooth headsets. Jessica Dolcourt of will scout out services, software, and applications, while Tom Krazit and Maggie Reardon of CNET News will bring you the latest news from the business side.

Though we're expecting a full show, we're also expecting that CTIA 2009 will be a little quieter than in past years. That has certainly been the case at the trade shows we've attended so far in 2009. At both CES and the GSMA World Congress, only a handful of new phones appeared on the show floor.

But don't worry, because if CTIA is anything like CES or GSMA, there will be plenty of cool gadgets on display. After all, CES gave us the Palm Pre and GSMA saw the birth of the Sony Ericsson Idou. In Las Vegas, the Palm Pre will be on display again, even if we're not expecting Sprint to announce a release date and pricing. And while Sony Ericsson will not be unveiling any new models, we will see new models from Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Kyocera, and HTC.

Most eyes at CTIA, however, will be on Android. Rumors persist that HTC will deliver a second Android device for T-Mobile. Neither HTC nor T-Mobile are saying anything, but just three days ago the Federal Communications Commission approved a version of the HTC Magic that supports T-Mobile's 3G network. Without a doubt, a new Android device would satisfy anxious Android fans who have been waiting for an alternative to the T-Mobile G1. We thought that GSMA would offer a gallery of Android devices, but a Magic bound for Vodafone was the only such device to make an appearance in Barcelona.

Whatever happens, the CNET team will be on-hand in Las Vegas to bring you the latest news and the hottest devices from CTIA. Just don't expect any iPhone news, please. Sure, we may see some iPhone apps, but Apple is always a no-show at CTIA. We land in Sin City on Tuesday, March 31 and will be reporting through the end of the week. Check back often for the latest updates.