Create a simple to-do list on Android home screen

Sticky Note is an Android widget that allows you to place notes on your home screen.

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Taylor Wimberly
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Sticky Note can be used to keep simple lists on your home screen. Taylor Wimberly

Many people use sticky notes at home and work to act as simple reminders. Their ease of use and high visibility make them perfect for creating a daily task list, keeping a shopping list for the grocery store, or taking important notes. Sticky Note for Android provides the same basic functionality with some extra helpful features.

Developed by Bratag, Sticky Note works by placing a small widget anywhere on your home screen. The widget looks exactly like a real note that is pinned to your desktop. Tap the note once and it expands to full-screen mode to display all the details. Long pressing on the open note allows you to edit any of the text.

Placing a sticky note on your desktop is a simple process. Just long press anywhere on your home screen and select the Sticky Note widget. When creating a new note, you can enter a title and details, pick a color, and add a calendar entry. Each sticky note only takes up one square on your home screen and you can add as many as you want.

Voice entry is a helpful feature of the widget. When entering the note details, hit the camera button to activate the voice input. This makes it easy to create notes when you don't have both hands free to type one out. Some Android phones like the HTC Magic don't have a camera button, but Bratag is set to release an update to resolve the issue.

The option to add a calendar entry can turn your simple note into a real task with a deadline. Sticky Note integrates with the Google Calendar application and lets you pull the note details into an event. After the task is inside Calendar, more information can be added like location, repetition, and reminders.

Sticky Note will appeal to any Android user who needs help keeping notes. The widget format works great because it's always displayed on your home screen that forces you to look at it. The ease of use and capability to customize the look are reason enough to try this free widget. Download it today and use it to start doing the pesky tasks you always forget.