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Crazy John's expands unlimited offering

Crazy John's post-paid customers will soon have the option to change to an unlimited calling plan for AU$10 per month.

(Credit: CBSi)

Crazy John's has expanded its unlimited calling plans, offering a new SIM-only AU$49 per month unlimited contract and existing post-paid customers get the opportunity to convert their plans to unlimited talk and text for an extra AU$10 each month.

From 8 December, customers who currently subscribe to a post-paid capped or shared plan of AU$39 each month or more are eligible for the AU$10 upgrade. The stand-alone AU$49 plan is for BYO phone customers only and does not offer a handset subsidy, but does come with 2GB of data each month.

Crazy John's has offered an AU$79 Crazy Cap including unlimited calls and messages since August. Since this time Vodafone has introduced its Infinite cap plans, offering unlimited calls and messages starting at AU$45 per month with 1GB of data.