Crave Summer: The LanxTech iBrolly

The iBrolly combines the ultimate rain-sheltering convenience of the umbrella with the entertainment of a portable music system. Don't miss this unique new product from LanxTech

Bursting onto the MP3 scene with a flurry of rain-sheltering excitement comes the iBrolly from LanxTech, modelled here by our glamorous assistant Penny. Designed with absolute convenience in mind, the iBrolly is the ultimate iPod accessory -- extending the pleasures of indoor music enjoyment to the great outdoors.

With a 30-inch Porta-Roof, a summer rain-shower won't stop you enjoying everything music has to offer -- perfect for a damp evening at Glastonbury. The integrated stereo speakers explode with volume and are uniquely fixed with a high-definition adhesive system to the iBrolly's VertiShaft roof-support column.

A 3.5mm headphone jack means the iBrolly is compatible with almost any music player, and an easy-to-grip handle makes it amazingly comfortable to carry for extended periods. Any iPod can be tightly integrated into the music system, but all other MP3 players are also supported.

The iBrolly also protects from falling debris, such as Earth-bound pigeon payloads -- a common hindrance to outdoor music enjoyment. It can also be retracted and compacted into a handy size fit for carrying in a bag or briefcase. Its jet-black design will compliment even the sternest business man's suit, but a terrific pink flavour is also available for you ladies.

The iBrolly is the ultimate in outdoor audio gear and is available in all good stores -- and some bad ones, haha! -- nationwide from Monday at a price of £49.99. Remember, a British summer doesn't guarantee the absence of rain! -Nate Lanxon

Warning: May not be real.