Cost, tethering, MMS: O2 answers UK iPhone 3G S questions

How much will the iPhone 3G S cost in the UK? Will you be able to use the tethering feature? When the hell can I get one? All these questions and more are answered

After the launch of the new iPhone in San Francisco, there's a whole pile of questions pinging around our heads, mostly about pricing in the UK. Thankfully, O2 has a whole bunch of answers. Here's what you need to know.

When will O2 sell the iPhone 3G S?

The new Apple iPhone 3G S will be available on O2 on 19 June.

And how much will it cost?

The iPhone 3G S 16GB will cost up to £184.98 depending on which tariff you take -- the 32GB up to £274.23. The highest prices are on the 18-month £29.38 and £34.26 tariffs -- full details will be on the site soon.

Can I break my current contract to upgrade?

You can upgrade early if you want to, however you will need to pay to end your contract. The early upgrade cost is likely to be your monthly cost [multiplied by] the number of months left on your contract, but specifics may vary slightly.

Will O2 support iPhone 3G tethering?

To tether you need an Internet tethering bolt-on: 3GB for £14.68 per month, 10GB for £29.36. Both include The Cloud's Wi-Fi.

What about the iPhone's MMS feature?

MMS and tethering will be supported and available on 19 June. MMS messages will come out of your normal allocation, with one MMS deducting four SMS from your allowance.

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