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Coral blue Galaxy S8 splashes down July 21, with deals

The marine color looked great on the ill-fated Note 7 and it looks awesome here, too.

Pretty blue.

Swim away, you boring, monochromatic Galaxy S8 and S8 Pluses in black, silver and gray. Samsung's finally giving its top-rated phone a little color. Starting July 21, you'll be able to buy the Galaxy S8 in coral blue, and at a discount, too.

Best Buy and Samsung are selling the cool blue shade (and all colors, in fact) for a limited-time promotional price. Really limited: From Friday July 21 to July 29 (or July 22 if you're with AT&T), Best Buy will give you up to $400 off the phone's full retail price -- that's huge.

Samsung will also shave $150 off the price of either S8 phone, for a limited time, when you buy it in coral blue or black.

From Best Buy, you'll be able to get the S8 for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, or buy it unlocked. Why no T-Mobile? Because Best Buy doesn't sell phones with T-Mo service; sorry. You can get the unlocked version only from 

We heard rumors about the special shade last month, and we're glad it's here to mix things up. Samsung has a history with its coral blue color: We first saw it on the Galaxy Note 7 and then an S7 Edge that was released after the Note 7 was recalled. A coral Galaxy S8 could bring some extra pep to a phone that's now been on the market for several months, and lure on-the-fence buyers. 

The coral blue S8 is already available in South Korea and rocked up in the UK last month.

Best yet, buyers of the coral blue Galaxy S8 will get another feature right out of the box, now that Samsung has finally rolled out its Bixby Voice app to all US users. The feature has been available in South Korea for some time while the English language version was delayed.

Samsung has confirmed that it will launch its next flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 8, in late August. That's only a few weeks away; will you pick up the coral blue S8 or hold out a little longer for the Note?

Article updated at 3:56 p.m. PT to correct a previous statement that the coral shade costs less than gray, and to explain why T-Mobile service isn't available at Best Buy.