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Cookie Rush: Save villagers from a giant cookie

If you fondly remember the famous boulder scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," you'll probably enjoy Cookie Rush.

Joe Aimonetti MacFixIt Editor
Joe is a seasoned Mac veteran with years of experience on the platform. He reports on Macs, iPods, iPhones and anything else Apple sells. He even has worked in Apple retail stores. He's also a creative professional who knows how to use a Mac to get the job done.
Joe Aimonetti
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Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti

If you fondly remember the famous boulder scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," you'll probably enjoy Cookie Rush--a run-for-your-life side-scroller from Mobjoy.

The premise is simple--help the villagers escape the giant, smiling cookie by skillfully placing jump markers along their path. Obstacles appear along the way like big, mean dogs, water traps, and milk carton barriers.

Players collect points by getting villagers into hot air rescue balloons and keeping people alive for as long as possible. But don't use your jump markers too fast or the cookie will catch up and it'll be game over for you and any hopeful survivors.

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti

Cookie Rush is a quick and addictive game offering a simple play method that is quick to learn but takes some skill to master. You have to start from scratch each time you lose, so the world can get a little repetitive, but overall it's a good time and a buck well spent.

You can purchase Cookie Rush for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad on Apple's App Store for $.99.