Conquer space, blast zombies, play a Flash classic: iPhone games of the week

It's hard to pick a standout in this week's roundup, if only because all five titles are outstanding, but you really gotta play Warpgate.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Looking for 5 minutes of fun? Then look elsewhere, because this week's new iPhone/iPod games are likely to consume considerable chunks of your time. You've been warned!

Babylonian Twins -- The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq: If you like running, jumping, puzzle-solving platform games (I know, are there any other kind?), you're sure to get a kick out of Babylonian Twins--a gorgeous, charming platformer with one of the most interesting backstories I've ever read. The game's launch price: $2.99. Oh, and don't miss Babylonian Twins HD for iPad ($4.99).

Giant Moto brings ExciteBike-inspired motocross fun to the iPhone. Tim Miller
Giant Moto: Its name notwithstanding, this is a perfect little motocross game. Choose a track (there are six now; the developer promises more), then a color, and then decide if you want to ride solo or race against three AI riders. Giant Moto is all about jumps, turbo boosts, and scoring the best time. It's reminiscent of the Nintendo classic ExciteBike--but a lot purtier, to be sure. Well worth 99 cents.

N.Y.Zombies: A must-have for fans of Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, and other zombies-run-amok games, this first-person shooter offers an endless onslaught of blood, guts, and gunplay. There's a plot, too, for those who like zombie-whompin' with a purpose. N.Y.Zombies' launch price is $1.99, but there's a free lite version if you want to test the undead waters.

Warlords: Call to Arms: Who says you can't get Flash on an iPhone? Well, Flash-based games, anyway: Warlords brings the eponymous Flash classic to the small screen. Choose an army (orcs, elves, humans, etc.), then deploy the right troops at the right time during real-time battles to claim territories. It's kind of like Plants vs Zombies, except that your plants move--and look like Warcraft characters. Relentless, addicting fun for $1.99.

Warpgate: A high-profile iPad launch title, Warpgate is now available for iPhone and iPod--putting batteries and productivity alike on notice. This open-ended game of space trading, conquest, and combat offers an incredible diversity of star systems to explore, ships to pilot, weapons to buy, and missions to complete. I think one word describes it best: depth. Warpgate costs $4.99.

What new games are occupying your time this week? I find myself going back to Words With Friends far more often than I thought I would. It's an addiction that can't be cured!