Coming to the Wii

Coming to the Wii

Will Greenwald
2 min read
Nintendo still hasn't released a specific launch date or retail price, but it's unveiled lots of new games for the Wii.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and WarioWare Smooth Move were confirmed before the show, but they're not the only titles coming straight from the House of N. Nintendo's poster boy is coming to the Wii with Super Mario Galaxy. While New Super Mario Bros. on the DS takes the plumber back to his roots, Super Mario Galaxy seems a bit more...far out. The stellar-themed game has Mario flying around the stars in a title that seems to reach even further beyond Mario's typical skills than Super Mario Sunshine did. Nintendo has also confirmed Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii. What little was shown at Nintendo's booth didn't seem graphically very different from the first two Metroid Primes, but the Wiimote should make controlling Samus a lot more immersive.

Sports will be big on the Wii, with games coming from both Nintendo and third parties. The next generation of EA's Madden series will be Wii-enhanced, with Wiimote gestures controlling both plays and players. Nintendo is also planning a Wiimote sports title with three different games: tennis, baseball, and golf.

Several third-party developers are already developing games for the Wii. Besides the next Madden game, Ubisoft is working on the Wii-exclusive shoot-and-slash action game, Red Steel. Atlus is also joining the Wii wave, developing a Wii-based sequel to Trauma Center, its DS medical game. Trauma Center: Second Opinion will have players performing surgery and treating patients with the Wiimote serving as a scalpel, a probe, a defibrillator, and other medical tools. Activision is bringing Tony Hawk and Spider-Man to the Wii, with Wiimote-oriented versions of Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and Spider-Man 3. A handful of others are also on their way to the Wii, including a new Sonic the Hedgehog title, a Bomberman game, and games based on the anime series One Piece and Dragon Ball Z.

The list is still incomplete, and Nintendo hasn't even released a specific launch date for the Wii, but it looks like Big N's funkily named system is going to have a fair number of games at launch.