Coming from Capcom

Coming from Capcom

Will Greenwald
Capcom hasn't thrown any curveballs this E3, but it's still churning out interesting games, including two big Xbox 360 titles that should put some kick into the next-gen platform's not-so-spectacular game library.

Lost Planet is a sci-fi shooter where the player must fight for his life on a harsh icy wasteland of a planet. It might seem like a standard FPS game--run around, shoot things, get in a vehicle, shoot more things--but Lost Planet sports pretty graphics, using the Xbox 360's power to produce massive battlefields with detailed weather effects. Plus, there'll be giant robots.

Dead Rising is a gory action-horror game also heading to the Xbox 360. Players must fight off hordes of zombies in an abandoned shopping mall, using any weapon they can find to turn the shambling undead into bloody, not-so-shambling chunks of meat. Swarms of zombies will lurch, bite, and die incredibly violent deaths as the player fights to stay alive.

The current-gen consoles are still getting a few interesting titles. Okami is an action-adventure title for the PS2 where players assume the role of a mythical sun god who quests to heal the world. God Hand is a similarly divine-themed PS2 brawler where players use their holy hand to beat down legions of vicious demons. Of course, Capcom has some classics on the way to home consoles as well; Street Fightter Alpha Anthology is coming to the PS2, and Capcom Classics Collection 2 is heading for both the PS2 and Xbox.