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Comcast gearing up to offer new wireless network by 2017

Comcast and partner Verizon plan to launch a fresh cellular service next year.

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Cable giant Comcast has big plans for 2017, to build its own wireless network and offer brand new cellular service to interested customers. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts explained his plans for the company at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia investor conference.

This foray into the mobile business is certainly a ploy to expand into more lucrative markets with greater opportunity for growth. Specifically Mr. Roberts said, "Clearly our goal is to take marketshare. The [[Comcast Wireless]] team is getting ready to launch by the middle of next year".

Roberts further outlined Comcast's vision of using high-tech cable boxes which will not only provide wireless HDTV programming at crisp 4K resolutions, but also function as Gigabit-speed internet gateways, broadband modems, and dedicated home servers to store personal multimedia.

The devices will also link to Verizon's robust cellular infrastructure as well as connect to Comcast's network of Wi-Fi hotspots already deployed across the US.

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