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CNET UK's Samsung Galaxy S III review: 'Ferrari of Android'

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone earns CNET UK's praise days before its May 29 U.K. release.

Samsung Galaxy S III buddy share
U.S. users can get a taste of this summer's Galaxy S III.
Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

U.S. residents salivating for the Samsung Galaxy S III's Android Ice Cream Sandwich won't get a chance to buy Samsung's flagship phone until "summer," but you can get a taste of the global version of the device, which CNET's crack U.K. team has just reviewed in full.

Not only did CNET reviewer Natasha Lomas call the Galaxy S III the "Ferrari of Android phones," she also awarded the quad-core smartphone a coveted Editors' Choice.

The global version of the Samsung Galaxy S III has high-end specs that include Samsung's highly anticipated quad-core Exynos 4 processor, a large HD Super AMOLED screen, and an 8-megapixel camera.

On the software side, the Galaxy S III also hosts software extras that include file- and photo-sharing at a touch from phone to phone, Siri-like voice actions that also include room for customization, and a fistful of new ways to share content among your devices and friends.

It's still unclear if the U.S. version of the device, which is due this summer on unspecified carriers, will host a quad-core processor or a dual-core chipset, like its rival, the HTC One X.

What we do know from CNET UK's review, and from my own hands-on take a couple of weeks ago at CTIA, is that the Galaxy S III promises a winning Android experience.

Check out CNET UK's Samsung Galaxy S III photos, video, and review.