How to follow CNET's Mobile World Congress team on social media

Mobile World Congress is right around the corner, and the CNET team will be covering it from all angles on social media.

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Morgan Little
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Stephen T. Shankland

Ready for a flurry of phone reveals? Mobile World Congress 2017 officially kicks off February 27, but there's plenty of activity going on before the show begins. From the challenges facing wireless charging to the significant absence of Samsung, our coverage has already started.

There will be a nearly-endless supply of new phones, tablets and devices shown off during MWC, and our team is ready to separate the wheat from the chaff, regardless of whether they're on the ground in Barcelona or back at one of our bureaus. To keep up with all of the breaking news and the most interesting updates, you can follow CNET on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and yes, even Snapchat.

And for a deeper dive into our coverage, check out the Twitter accounts below, or just follow our CNET at MWC Twitter List to see tweets from our entire team.

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