CNET 100: Stephen Shankland's favorite Android apps

Stephen Shankland picks his 10 favorite Android apps as part of the CNET 100 series. Check out the titles he loves best and be sure to vote for your favorite.

Editors' note: Until July 22, 10 CNET personalities are showcasing their 10 personal favorite Android apps as part of the CNET 100. With each post, you can read why they hold the apps so dear and you'll get the opportunity to vote for your own favorite title. Then after the series ends, we'll collect the full list of 100 apps and announce the 10 that you, our readers, love the most.

Google and Android have long been of particular interest to CNET News senior writer Stephen Shankland. Though formerly based in San Francisco, he now lives in the United Kingdom where he files regular reports for his Deep Tech blog on browsers, digital photography, computing, and science. Wireless is in his wheelhouse as well, particularly after he joined CNET's wireless team at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

After Bonnie Cha took us surfing and slicing through fruit, Stephen offers a full tour through all the best Android apps that Google itself delivers. Whether you're checking your e-mail, listening to podcasts, or getting into Google+, he has the titles to guide your on your way. Reading and photography also populate his list, and he has just the app for hiking through the backwoods or the back streets of Milan.

Over the next two weeks, be sure to check back each day on Android Atlas to see app choices from Jaymar Cabebe, Jessica Dolcourt, and more of the CNET crew.