Clumsy Case protects your iPad from clumsy kids

This soft foam wrapper should keep your tablet safe from even the most destructive toddler.

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Rick Broida
The Clumsy Case promises to protect your iPad from (nearly) any damage your kids can inflict.
The Clumsy Case promises to protect your iPad from (nearly) any damage your kids can inflict. Studio Proper

Kids and iPads go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Unfortunately, kids are often covered in chocolate and peanut butter, meaning your very expensive tablet may end up the same way.

Likewise, rugrats don't have the best motor skills, so there's a good chance your very expensive tablet will go crashing to the floor on more than one occasion.

A good case can help, but most of them offer only basic protection -- not the kind of heavy-duty armor that can thwart a toddler. For that, check out the Clumsy Case.

Wrapping the iPad in soft foam, the Clumsy Case also doubles as a stand, propping the tablet upright for movie viewing and the like.

The scalloped bottom edge makes the whole thing reminiscent of a Pac-Man ghost -- not that today's kids are likely to know that image. Ultimately, it's a cute, vibrant shell, one you can get in your choice of three colors.

Although it's hard to tell from the photo, the case permits access to the headphone jack, dock connector, and camera. It also has "sound enhancing bubbles" (aka holes) to let audio escape.

At $39.95, the Clumsy Case may seem a bit pricey -- but it's certainly a lot cheaper than a new iPad. Before the kids send yours tumbling to the pavement, consider some kind of protection like this. (Another option: the Inflatable Cube, a kind of iPad bouncy-house.) If you've found a better solution than this one, tell me about it in the comments!

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