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Cisco ties knot with mainframes

A new version of Cisco's network management software ties into IBM mainframe management platforms.

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Cisco Systems (CSCO) announced a new version of its network management software that ties into IBM mainframe management platforms.

Version 2.0 of the CiscoWorks Blue Native Service Point (NSP) network management tool now includes integration of Cisco router management in IBM's NetView or Sterling Software's SOLVE: NetMaster mainframe/enterprise management consoles.

Essentially, this enables an administrator that is used to the "look and feel" of a mainframe management software package such as NetView to add network management of Cisco routers without adding a separate console. This way, an administrator can manage an IBM mainframe Systems Network Architecture (SNA) network along with Cisco devices in a client-server application from one workstation.

Through use of CiscoWorks Blue NSP 2.0, a user can diagnose network problems, track usage, and alleviate bottlenecks on the network. Integration of the products may also minimize the need for a separate router management package that runs on Unix or PC platforms, depending on the network topology.

The key to integration of the product with the mainframe management tools is the NSP layer that lets an administrator view SNA environments as well as Cisco routers, according to Rob Adams, product manager for Cisco's InterWorks Business Unit. This allows the product to evolve from a command line interface to a full-fledged graphical interface, similar to most management tools, he said.

CiscoWorks Blue SPR 2.0 includes software components for routers and mainframes. The mainframe component will be available next month for the NetView and NetMaster platforms for $9,995. The router component for management of an SNA network is a current feature of version 11.0 of Cisco IOS internetworking operating system.