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Cingular's feeling the smart-phone love

Cingular's feeling the smart-phone love

Yesterday, rumors surfaced about the possibility of two new Treo smart phones coming to Cingular in October, but it appears they might have some company (and competition). According to Engadget Mobile, the carrier has plans to release five other smart phones this fall. Here's what they're saying:

Nokia E62: Available around September/October (business channels could see them as early as July) for $199 with a two-year contract or $299 without a contract. For more information on the Nokia E62, check out our line show.

HP iPaq hw6920/6925: Upgrade to the hw6500 series and includes integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS, and an improved QWERTY keyboard.

HTC Hermes: Expected around September/October. Features include Windows Mobile 5 with Messaging and Security Feature Pack, 400MHz processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, 2-megapixel camera, and 128MB of ROM and 128MB of RAM.

HTC StarTrek: Rumored to launch in August/September. Thin, Razr-like form factor, Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition, Bluetooth (no Wi-Fi), quad-band world phone.

BlackBerry Stealth: October/November release. EDGE support and what's this? An MP3 player and removable memory?