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Chips take center stage

Compaq will finally detail its Alpha strategy, while AMD, Intel, National, HP, and other chipmakers outline a rapidly expanding future for processors.

Compaq will finally detail its Alpha strategy Monday. Meanwhile, AMD, Intel, National, HP, and other chipmakers outline a rapidly expanding future for chips this week at the Microprocessor Forum. Perhaps no processor has been as eagerly anticipated as Intel's first 64-bit chip, Merced.

Compaq backs Alpha future
The company will finally provide details on its Alpha chip platform Monday, including plans for a future 1,000-MHz version.

Intel details Merced
The chip giant provides concrete details of Merced for the first time and announces a low-cost 64-bit chip architecture.

AMD unveils K7 chip design
The firm provides details surrounding its next-generation chip at the Microprocessor Forum.

IBM revs PowerPC chip
Big Blue is aiming the new 405 embedded processor at a wide variety of consumer electronic devices.

National sets sights on low end
The company's Cyrix subsidiary is in the process of expanding its chip lineup for the sub-$1,000 computer and Internet appliance markets.

Slimmer chips for common devices
Intel announces improvements for chips embedded in electronic equipment, from cash registers to network routers to handheld computers.

HP has two-pronged chip plan
Hewlett-Packard is developing workstations and servers that can use either HP's PA-RISC chips or Intel's IA-64 "Merced" processors.

IBM advances chip speeds
Microchips could become much more powerful thanks to Big Blue's new silicon germanium technology.