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Chinese heir buys his dog over $6,000 worth of iPhones

The photos were posted to the dog's official Weibo account. Really.

...the dog is cute, though.

The "it's a dog's life" phrase is used to describe people that lead a miserably existence.

Whoever coined it, though, has never met Coco, an Alaskan malamute whose owner showered her with not one, not two but eight brand new Apple iPhone 7 devices.

The owner, Wang Sicong, is the son of Wang Jianlin, China's richest man. The elder Wang is the CEO of Dailan Wanda, the country's biggest real estate developer.

Wang Jianlin is worth $33.7 billion, according to Forbes, and he recently made news in the west for his purchase of American cinema chain AMC and Legendary Pictures, makers of Man of Steel and Pacific Rim.

The photos of Coco lounging on a couch with 8 unopened iPhone 7 boxes were posted onto the dog's official Weibo (China's Twitter) account. Doesn't your dog have it's own social media accounts?

In China, a standard 32 GB iPhone 7 costs about $810 (AU$1065, £620). That means Wang Sicong spent at least $6,000 on iPhones. For his dog.

This is not Coco's first Apple-related news story.

Last year, when the original Apple Watch was first announced, Coco received two Apple Watch Edition watches. Each one of the gold Watch Edition gadgets sold for up to $17,000.