China Telecom posts iPhone 6 concept art on Weibo

A concept image of the upcoming Apple smartphone gets posted by the Chinese carrier on China's version of Twitter. It is not a leaked image of the actual phone, as previously reported.

Concept art of the next iPhone. Sina News

Correction at 8 a.m. PT August 25: The image used in China Telecom's Weibo post is concept art -- as pointed out by CNET readers.

Call it a big oops moment followed by a bigger oops moment.

Last week, it seemed that the next iPhone and an official tagline -- "Even Better" -- had been outed by carrier China Telecom on the Chinese version of Twitter known as Weibo. Sina News reported that the post, which was later deleted, included the design of the smartphone, confirmed that it would be called the iPhone 6, and noted that it would support both FDD and TD LTE technology.

It seemed like a big leak -- until CNET readers pointed out that the image is concept art of the smartphone.

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