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Cheaper new 8GB iPhone 5C goes on sale

Apple's quietly slipped a less expensive iPhone 5C into its lineup, but so far it's only on sale in China, Europe and Australia.

The new iPhone 5C is exactly the same, save for the lower capacity.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

A new lower-capacity iPhone 5C has gone on sale across Europe, with the UK Apple Store charging £429 ($712) for the unlocked smartphone.

French and German iPhone fans can get their hands on one for 559 euros ($779), while Australian Apple aficionados can spend A$679 ($616) on the new mobile. Interestingly, it's also available in China, for 4,088 yuan ($660).

The new model has 8GB of storage, or half the amount of the former cheapest model, which remains at £469 in the UK. The iPhone 4S is still available, for £349, but the new 5C is Apple's least expensive 4G LTE phone.

The colorful mobile has yet to surface on Apple's Web site in the US. We'll update this story if dollar prices become available later today.

In another value move, Apple also reintroduced the iPad with Retina Display, the full-size tablet that was made obsolete by the iPad Air last year. The US Apple Store is flogging the fourth-gen iPad for $399, the same as the iPad Mini. It's only available with 16GB of storage.

Apple was widely tipped to undercut its junior smartphone with a lower-cost model earlier this week. The pastel-hued plastic phone is deemed to have underperformed compared to previous new iPhones, but as a way of repackaging last year's technology it's been a fairly safe gamble for the California company.

The UK network O2 was one of the first to offer the 8GB 5C, with offers including £410 ($682) upfront on a £13 monthly tariff.