Charter offers you yet another wireless option

But streaming video will only play at 480p resolution.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou
A woman stands on the stage at WWDC with Charter Spectrum's logo behind her

Charter's new Spectrum Mobile lets you stream videos at 480p resolution.

Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

Now you can stream DVD-quality videos through the Spectrum network.

Charter Communications has launched Spectrum Mobile, a 4G LTE mobile broadband service that supports DVD-quality video streaming at 480p. You can get an unlimited data plan with free calling and texts for $45 per month, or pay for $14 for each gigabyte of data you use.

What you don't get, apparently, is an option to move up to higher-quality HD video, according to Ars Technica, which cited a Charter spokesperson.

Charter didn't immediately respond to a request for more information.

Spectrum marks the latest effort by cable companies Comcast and Charter to establish a foothold in the wireless arena. In May, the companies said they would team up to compete with wireless heavyweights, such as Verizon and AT&T . Comcast and Charter say their presence may provide consumers more choices, products and competitive prices.

Comcast's new Xfinity Mobile service, meanwhile, defaults to 480p resolution for videos that stream via cellular.