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ChargeKey adds a sync cable to your keychain

Available in Lightning and Micro-USB versions, this clever gizmo lets you sync or charge your phone or tablet anywhere there's a USB port.

The Nomad ChargeKey comes in Lightning (shown) and Micro-USB versions.
The Nomad ChargeKey comes in Lightning (shown) and Micro-USB versions.

One of my favorite products to come out of CES 2013 was the Nomad ChargeCard, a smartphone sync/charge cable barely larger than a credit card -- and therefore able to ride around in your wallet.

Nomad's ChargeKey is its logical successor, a smartphone sync/charge cable that rides around on your keychain. I don't need to hit CES 2014 to know it's an even better solution for road warriors.

The little gizmo is exactly what it sounds like: a bendable, rubber, key-shaped cable with a USB plug at one end and your choice of Lightning or Micro-USB plugs at the other. In other words, it comes in two versions: one for modern iPhones, iPods, and iPads, and one for Android and other devices.

As you might expect, it supports both syncing and charging. I suspect most people will use it for the latter, especially alongside portable chargers, as it eliminates the need to pack a long, easily tangled cable.

Expected to ship in December, the ChargeKey is currently available for preorder via Indiegogo. If you get there quickly enough, you can score one for the early-bird price of $18 shipped. Once those run out, you'll be on the hook for $25, which is the same price as the ChargeCard.

A little steep, perhaps, but I think the convenience of this thing justifies its premium price. And it looks kinda cool, too. Your thoughts?

While you're adorning your keychain, check out the Keyprop, a nifty gizmo that turns your keyring into a smartphone stand.