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Samsung's CES 2017 press conference Jan. 4 (live blog)

The electronics giant hopes you'll forget about the exploding Note 7 and focus on its TV and refrigerators instead. Join us Wednesday for live coverage.

Samsung's CES announcements typically include high-tech TVs, home appliances and other devices.
Josh Miller/CNET

CES is the largest tech show of the year, and Samsung often makes the biggest splash.

This year should be no different -- except for that big Galaxy Note 7 shadow hanging over the South Korean electronics giant. Samsung's large-screen smartphone launched with much fanfare in mid-August but faced two recalls before ultimately being killed off in October. The problem was it sometimes exploded, and Samsung still doesn't know why.

The company will have to decide if it's going to address the Note 7 debacle, or if it's going to ignore the device entirely and focus on TVs, refrigerators and other electronics.

Samsung's press conference will kick off at 2 p.m. PT on January 4. CNET will be on hand to bring you all the news, commentary and photos from the presentation.

You can tune into CNET's live blog here.

CES is typically one of the most important events of the year for Samsung. But it's the company's TV, home appliance and audio businesses that make the news, not its mobile operations.

This year, expect a slate of new TVs from Samsung that continue to improve image quality and add other features. Samsung could update its $5,600 Family Hub refrigerator that has a touchscreen in the door. It's hoping you also forget about that recent washing machine recall.

Come back to CNET for full coverage from CES 2017.