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Case maker 'outs' iPhone SE, confirms arrival next week

A week ahead of Apple's launch event, one company introduces products for the rumored "small" iPhone.

Next week, on March 21, Apple will take the wraps off some new products. As always, the rumor mill is cranking away, with much of the speculation focusing on a smaller iPhone.

Speculate no more. This morning, case-maker Patchworks sent an email with the subject line "iPhone SE products."

Slip of the subject-line tongue? No, because the body of the message began with this: "New iPhone SE to be announced in April 21st [sic], Patchworks introduces new line up now!"


Email "evidence" of the iPhone SE, though the photo definitely shows an iPhone 5S.


Wait, April 21? That part is probably a mistake, because the header also reads, "iPhone SE in 7 days." Unless, of course, April 21 is the ship date?

In any case, the company's offerings include three different case styles and an anti-glare screen protector. Although the product photos all show an iPhone 5S, Patchworks' brochures all make reference to an "iPhone 5se." Whether or not that proves to be the final name or it ends up "iPhone SE" remains to be seen.


In-the-wild photo of the purported iPhone SE atop an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.


Earlier today, a video purported to show to an iPhone SE "in the wild" in China, with a form factor very similar to the iPhone 5, but with rounded edges. The reporter was unable to turn the device on, however, and as with all rumors, this one demands a grain of salt.

That said, it makes sense that a new, smaller iPhone would incorporate the same rounded design as its larger siblings. And given that at least one accessory maker (probably more like thousands) already has the specs needed to design cases, there's little doubt that what we're seeing here is indeed the iPhone SE.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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