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Carphone Warehouse stops selling faulty Sony Ericsson Satio

Sony Ericsson's flagship media smart phone, the Satio, has been taken off the shelves at Carphone Warehouse until it sorts out its software problems

Carphone Warehouse has kicked the Sony Ericsson Satio out of its shops, after too many customers reported software problems with the smart phone, Reuters reports.

You can still find the Satio on Carphone's Web site, but no tariffs are available to buy. The Warehouse said, in a statement, that the Satio had "issues" which may "result in a customer experience that is below our usually high standards."

Sony Ericsson admits that some Satios suffer from software problems, and says that it has its teams of phone boffins applying their large brains to finding a quick solution. Carphone is offering to exchange your faulty Satio with another phone, and it says it's working with Sony Ericsson to restock the phone as soon as it's up to snuff.

We didn't experience software instability in our review of the Satio, but we did find the user interface inconsistent and not as user-friendly as its smart-phone competitors, such as the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Hero. The Satio's 12.1-megapixel camera, however, with its xenon flash, was one of the best we've ever seen on a phone.

The Satio's software issues are yet another reason to wait for Sony Ericsson's shift to using Android for its smart phones. The company promises the robot-packin' Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will be on shelves within the next four months.