Capture the best camera phone

Looking for a camera phone that takes awesome photos? Use our tool to compare images from the newest and hottest devices.

Here's how the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera sees the world. But is it the top shooter?
Josh Miller/CNET

As Nokia's new Lumia 1020 demonstrates, there's no stopping the march of the camera phone. Cameras continue to be an integral feature on almost every handset, leaving only the most basic models out of the shooting fun.

That's why CNET always tests a handset's camera as part of the review process. We'll examine and evaluate the various editing features, but more importantly, we'll take a few sample shots (indoor, outdoor, etc.) and include them in the review. Then, along with a device's other features, its design, and its call and data performance, we subjectivity consider photo quality when determining a phone's final score.

With our updated Camera phone image gallery, now you can take your own deep dive into photo quality. The feature allows you to compare two pictures from 50 of the latest and greatest camera phones currently on the market while seeing the devices' CNET ratings and their camera resolution. You also can click through to read the review and check pricing information.

But before you go clicking, I have to mention a couple of things. Though we shot each photo in the gallery at the camera phone's maximum resolution, you're viewing them at the same 440x330-pixel size. Also, because we test phones in many different locations, we can't take the same shot with every camera.

I hope the gallery helps you better choose the best camera phone for you. Or at the very least, dissuade you from taking photos with a tablet in a public place.

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