Capitalize words the easy way in iOS 8

Stop using the surgical maneuver of placing your cursor just after the first letter in a word to replace it with a capital letter and instead use iOS 8's text predictions.

Matt Elliott Senior Editor
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Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott/CNET

Although I recently showed you how to hide iOS 8's text predictions, I have been using the feature because my curiosity and professional responsibilities as a tech blogger push me to vet fully as much new technology as I can. And I have to say that iOS 8's predictive text engine has been growing on me. And now, having discovered a new ability of my iPhone's text predictions courtesy of TUAW, I may never hide the feature.

You can use the text predictions to avoid one of my least enjoyable aspects of iOS: trying to place your cursor not at the beginning of a word but just to the right of its first letter in order to delete the letter and replace it with a capital letter. I never seem to drop my cursor in the right spot on the first try (or second or third, for that matter), and now there is a better way.

When you have a word you've penned in a text or email that you'd like to capitalize, just double-tap the word to highlight it. Next, tap the Shift key and the predictive text suggestions will offer a capitalized version of the word (along with two other capitalized alternatives).

And should you want to get all shouty and go all-caps, double-tap the Shift key after highlighting a word to turn on the caps lock and you'll get get all-caps suggestions.