Cameras compared: iPhone 7 Plus vs. Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6S Plus

We had our own professional photographer put Apple's best iPhone camera ever to the test in a Bay Area shootout versus last year's iPhone -- and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The iPhone 7 Plus gets a new camera, and this one is a big deal. Actually, it's two big deals: two 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one wide-angle and one telephoto. Our very own professional, CNET Senior Photographer James Martin spent six days with the iPhone 7 Plus and its cameras. He worked in and around San Francisco, taking shots with the new phone, plus the current leading phone cameras on the market: 2015's iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 so that you can compare the results yourself -- just drag the slider to compare the cameras. After all, a picture's worth a thousand words.

Technical note: These images are compressed for the Web (like all online photos), and we shot with default modes on all the phones for a fair comparison. Compression affects a number of aspects of photos -- you would see different results from from RAW images and uncompressed JPEGs.