Call centers connected to Verizon staff up

Job postings confirm that customer call centers connected to Verizon Wireless and Apple are hiring hundreds of new employees over the next three months. Hmmm...

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Kent German
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The January release of a Verizon iPhone remains unconfirmed, but we may have still more grist for the ever-churning rumor mill. Call centers connected to the wireless carrier and Apple are hiring hundred of new positions over the next three months, according to job postings spotted by CNET.

Call center jobs in Pennsylvania will support a wireless company, according to this job posting (click to enlarge). Screenshot by Kent German/CNET

The hiring companies, Salt Lake City-based Teleperformance and Kennesaw, Ga.-based Ryla, are hiring at facilities around the country, with Ryla advertising for 1,700 positions in Indiana, California, Virginia, and Colorado.

Though few of the job postings specify which company the new employees will be taking calls for, Teleperformance's Careerbuilder post says employees in Pennsylvania will field calls for a "major wireless cell phone service retailer."

Duties will include processing and explaining rate plan changes and assisting customers with "general inquiries about billing rates, roaming, features, and services."

Additional postings on Teleperformance's Web site list positions in Salt Lake City, Texas, Ohio, and South Carolina as being dedicated to either a wireless, cell phone, or communications company. What's more, applicants for positions in Lindon, Utah, will offer technical support for personal computers and portable devices like MP3 players and smartphones.

Calls placed to Teleperformance were not returned as of press time, but the company has supported Apple, Verizon Wireless, and other cell phone carriers in the past. And in an interview with the Augusta Chronicle, Marcie Ballard, Teleperformance's vice president of recruiting, said new positions for the company's office in Augusta, Ga., would be for a new line of business for "a major wireless company."

According to the Fresno Bee, Ryla is hiring at least 500 people in Clovis, Calif., for "a Fortune 50 cellular/telecommunications company that expects to increase its marketing and sales."

Across the country in Norfolk, Va., the company's Careerbuilder job posting specifically named Verizon's wireline, FIOS, and high-speed Internet business and residential customers, but stopped short of mentioning the company's wireless division.

Ryla spokeswoman Karen Clay did not return calls as of press time, though a source told CNET Ryla has worked with Verizon for more than 10 years.