Web-sites with videos

Paula Collins
2 min read

Hey, everyone, I'm back. As one of the other bloggers has said "LIFE CAUGHT UP WITH ME". Thought I could do this everyday, but realistically, I CAN'T. But I'm back now with what I've been up to. But first I'd like to address a matter with my last blog about not being able to move the cursor to where you want it. A very nice person hit me back through the comments and here is what they said: "In text mode to scroll: while pressing and holding the the orange button a diamond shape will appear, then with the your free hand, drag your finger across the screen to the left to scroll left...drag across right to scroll right". I have tried it but it was a bit awkward for me. Still like the roll of the ball on the Blackberry or the back and forward arrows on the Palm Pro.

Now for what I want to share with you. I'm involved in a bible education work for the deaf and hearing impaired, so, my smartphone has to be able to download and play videos right on the spot without having to save them. So here is what I've found about the Palm Pre; IT DOES IT WITHOUT A GLITCH! IT IS VERY SMOOTH IN THE PLAY BACK OF THE VIDEO. I was very impressed with the Palm Pre's ability to open the file and begin playing it. If you'd like to view the bible in American Sign Language go to www.jw.org, middle of the page is American Sign Language. Here are a couple of shots of the site as well as a video of a scripture.

Go to site, then to ASL Bible and chapter. On chapter line scroll over to M4V and click on it. The video will load and then start to play.

The Blackberry Curve and the Palm Pro ask to save the file and doesn't play them right on the spot.

Wow, I sure learned a lesson today about uploading video's to your blog. Enjoyed it though, knowledge is power! Take care and I'll see you in a few.