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Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Warm, fed, and dead

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Warm, fed, and dead

Tom Merritt, Molly Wood, and Veronica Belmont
Tom Merritt, Molly Wood, and Veronica Belmont

Science tells us that mice live longer when they have a lower caloric intake and a lower body temperature. Personally, I'd rather live my life being warm and full of delicious food. But, that's just me. Those mice might agree, given the choice.




Obadiah from Columbus, OH
I'm not Amish. I use my Blockbuster online account for obscure stuff. Now, I can take those in and exchange them for the stupid Hollywood movies. I really like what they did. They may have got me back.

Cindy from Virginia
What is Microsoft Office Live? There's no there there. Last week, I tripped upon Office Live. Instead of using Google, I put it in the search bar. It not only took me to a map of the location; it also popped up a short wizard to call the store. When you hear your phone ring, we'll connect you.

Jonathan from San Francisco
I heard you had problems with iTunes 7. I delayed until last night. It installed fine but it eliminated my playlists and ratings. 3,000 songs.

Thanks Bob
Tom is full of crap. Suse is pronounced [SOO-suh].

Arrrrgh, darn Nano--Hector
Long-time listener, first-time writer. I know I'm not the first one this has happened to, but I was so psyched to get my red 4GB Nano on Tuesday, until I saw the Friday BOL show notes, and I find out the 8GB came a full three days later! Of course I think no big deal. I can take it back to the Providence Apple Store, return it, and get the new one, right? Wrong. They'll gladly exchange it, after a 10 percent restocking fee! What's the point of buying at the store if they charge you a restocking fee? Might as well buy online! It's not as if they're not gonna make bank selling it refurbished, plus my extra $50. Anyway, I kept my 4GB 'cause it's awesome, but Apple really needs to get themselves a "new model protection plan" where they take stuff back at no charge for a week or two after purchase or something to protect its customers. Keep up the good work.

Touch-sensitive screen rumors?--Patrick
What is the rumor about the "New iPod" touch-sensitive screen. I am thinking about getting an 80GB video iPod, but should I wait for the new one to come out or is it even coming out!

But, I still think the content providers have a point--CB
Thanks for putting my e-mail on the air! Sorry about the prisoner's dilemma reference not being explained. I promise you I wasn't trying to be a shill for the RIAA. On the public radio analogy, I did not mean to suggest that the record companies should post their catalogs and hope people pay. I just think it is an interesting application of the "honor system," and I think that is what non-DRM music or video is, an honor system. If a content company sells recordings with no DRM, they will have some people (like you, I expect) pay for the download for your use on all your devices, legally. They will also have people getting the song illegally e-mailed from their friends, burning CDs, or downloading the song from a foreign Web site. I'm not on the side of the content providers on this, I just think they have legitimate concerns about their intellectual property. (For me personally, the Apple DRM system works fine. It has enough flexibility for me.) Where the content providers lose me is the money they have spent in politics to lengthen copyrights over the last 20 years.

Anonymous Vista tip--Anonymous
I've got the news from a Microsoft VP that RTM has been released internally today (Friday). He told us he could get a copy, but didn't bring one home today. This means Vista won't have any more non-last minute changes. Keep up the great work.