Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Vampires vs. Werewolves

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Vampires vs. Werewolves

Veronica Belmont
2 min read
We've grown tired of pirates vs. ninjas, so we've moved on to vampires vs. werewolves. It's a little more seasonally appropriate. But in other random news, it's also Windows XP's fifth birthday this week! We're wondering how it got this far.
Cranky Coworker Day (Thanks, Shalin!)

Robert from Tampa
For Tedson. The old MacBook Pros were clocked differently than the new MacBooks. Hope this helps.

Jody from Columbus, Ohio
Regarding Studio 60. The parent were from Columbus. Columbus is very diverse, so we have those folks and we have many others. John Stewart will be doing the Daily Show from here.

Brit from Gainesville
As I understand it, vampires are made when a victim drinks the blood of a vampire and is not just just bitten. Could disprove lycanthropy.

Fantasy Congress--Techpriest
The other day when Molly was at digital Hollywood, you discussed Fantasy Congress. I have created a BOL fantasy congress league; the password is bacon (no capital letters). One of the coolest parts is when you draft your team, you can have Mr. "the Internet is a...a...a series of tubes" Ted Stevens! If you would like Ted Stevens (whom I would recommend, as according to game statistics, he is a rock-solid senator), he is near the bottom of the page labeled Upper Senators as part of the drafting process. All I can say is: Today is the day where I virtually take down the DMCA to stop the MPAA and the RIAA! Keep up the brilliant podcast.