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Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: The physics of cow tipping

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: The physics of cow tipping

CNET may not have the fanciest Halloween parties (like Google does) but at least we haven't been attacked with a bomb (like PayPal has). But luckily for everyone, Comedy Central clips are mysteriously back on YouTube! As for the cows, you'll just have to wait and see.




Josh in Atlanta
On MySpace being so 2005. I'm done with it and use only Facebook. The 6th- through 12th-graders in my church all have gone to Facebook. They're tired of spam. Tired of bugs.

I went to the Google halloween party today. They had a pirate theme. A life-size pirate ship in the middle of the googleplex. And carnival-type games. Cannons were knocking over ships. It was insane. Everybody stopped working at 2 p.m. to party for three hours. It's pretty insane. A lot of fun. Compare to CNET half costume day.

BOL reunites old friends--Daniel from Victoria, British Columbia
Yesterday during the show, you read a letter from a BOL listener named Hotbranch from Montreal. Since I used to know someone from that city with that same nickname many years ago (we met via an online Fantasy Hockey league that started in the early 1990s...cannot be more geeky than that!), I decided to try to track him down, and a few Google searches later, I had one of his old but still-active e-mail addresses. Since then we have exchanged a couple of e-mails, and hopefully we'll keep in touch from now on. So thank, guys, for reuniting two old friends!

Xbox 360 TV shows tab--peterjon
Just to let you know the new Xbox 360 dashboard is out, and it adds a new feature that is making me wonder where Xbox is going next. It added a new section for TV shows, and what makes it interesting is, when you select the video that you want to watch in the description, there's a spot where it tells you when the video will expire. Also, they added a section for viral video.

Veronica's over U2?--Frank L.
Blasphemy! There goes our chance at getting them for the Spectaclefest Fundraiser! Jeez!

Wanna watch ads, Molly?--Christian from
Molly was musing the other day on how she'd like a Web site that was dedicated to showing just good commercials. There was even speculation about how to make such a site pay, like putting ads on the site itself.
Guess what?
The ads play in flash, they load quickly, they're sorted by different attributes: top-rated, sexy, international, etc. I found it when visiting another favorite site of mine: It's a great place to find cutting-edge flash content that really shows off what flash can do. died--Scott
A few days ago, you mentioned how you wanted a YouTube for commercials. Well, they had it. It was called, and it was brilliant. I'm not sure who ran the site, but it had all the info you could ever want about a TV spot: which agency devised it, who directed it, who edited and produced the film, what music was playing, etc. died back in 2003, I believe, due to the massive bandwidth, which they couldn't support financially. Nothing I know of has replaced it...until possibly now with YouTube. But was approximately 100 times more mature, more organized, and ironically, did not feature advertising on the site. If anyone has any similar resources, let me know. Thanks.

DRM--Chris B.
Last week Molly mentioned at the Digital Hollywood panel on DRM that she asked the lawyer guy about music with no DRM. She seemed to feel it was a viable business model. Two thoughts:

1. Prisoner's dilemma
2. Public radio, which is something you pay for voluntarily, typically only has one channel while commercial stations have many. If it was a good enough business model for people to pay voluntarily, would there not be more stations run that way?