Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Show us your drinking thumb

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Show us your drinking thumb

Veronica Belmont
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Technology is a wonderful thing. It helps us connect with people across the world, encourages business growth and opportunity, and keeps mean drunks out of your local pub! I bet George Orwell never saw that one coming.

Justin from Pomona
Don't you think advertising companies would love the idea of remote hardware? What about accidentally requiring viewing certain commercials?

Joel from Toledo, Ohio
I've been thinking about the iPhone. Apple's good at hooking up tech to the Web in a cool way. What is the Web component hook-up that iPhone takes advantage of? Is it a Skype comepetitor? I'd be willing to pay $5 a month if I could make all the long-distance calls I wanted to on my iPhone.

Ricky from New York
I only started listening to Buzz Out Loud because I saw Molly and TWiT. I'm sure a fair number of listeners came from Molly's plug. Send Veronica. No offense, Tom.

I hate the RFID credit cards--Luke from Boston
Thought I would touch base on the credit cards with the No Swipe option. They're a real pain, and in circulation in the Northeast. Citizens Bank now has the Mastercard PayPass included in all its debit cards. I had ordered a new debit card back in February, and this showed up. At certain stores (CVS for instance), they have the receiver built into the credit/debit card swiper. So, if you want cash back, you can't get it. The second your card gets close enough to swipe, the signal gets picked up and used instead, and they don't have a way to override that. So that, added with the fact that the signal is not even encrypted, and I think it's about time I switch banks. I'm not going to trust that if someone puts a receiver on the other side of a cash register station that Citizens is going to put all the money back after I get ripped off.

Vote or get fined in Australia--Alan
In Monday's podcast Veronica was surprised to hear of compulsory voting in Brazil (I think you said). Just to let you know we have it here in Australia, too, and you'll cop a $20 fine if you don't vote. Google was kind enough to find this document on the Australian Parliament Web site detailing it.
Compulsory voting in Australian national elections
Great podcast

Fixin' to fix up Opera--Jeff in Arlington, Virginia, and points south
Howdy y'all!
I'm sure you've heard it before, but y'all shur are purdy...and that includes Molly and Veronica too! ;)
Y'know, I'm gettin' a bit tired of hearin' the Opera folks whine about how much better their browser is without making a half decent effort to sell it to folks. Well, I just happen to have an answer...niche-y kitschy. Y'see, them Opera boys need to branch out and create a look and feel for their software that appeals to the less mainstream computer abuser. For their first boo-teek browser, I recommend a change to the look and feel to correspond with its new name..."Opry." Now what self- respectin' good ol' geek would use some ol' Internet Explorer or Firefox when he could be rootin' through the information auto salvage yard with a fine piece of browsin' like Opry? Why I think it would be such a hit that the only thing that could compete is maybe "Fahrhound" or "That Strange Inter-doohickey Lookin'-around Fella That Bubba Done Run Over Last Year."

Oh, the kernel
The phrase "Locking out the kernel" keeps getting tossed around on your show, and every time you say it, I think of Colonel Sanders and locking him out, and how bad that makes me feel.