Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: MySpace is so 2005

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: MySpace is so 2005

Veronica Belmont
4 min read
Can you ever stay at the top of "cool?" People are now wondering if MySpace is in slow decline. Sure, it's just a couple of kids from a article, but could they be speaking for a larger segment of the ever-fickle population? Yeah, Facebook is totally the new MySpace. Duh.

About the Wii. Hasn't anyone seen DDR? You can't just use the Wii. What about the lower body? We need a Wii shoe. Kicking things. Or play DDR.

Todd in Orem, Utah
I was curious. How many people have an ear down in their crotch?

No Zune for you, K?--Dennis O.
Did the EU tick off Microsoft with all the antitrust hassle?? I can just hear the chaps in the London pubs: "I say, does that mean we can't buy that turd-colored music box this Christmas! Oh, buggers!"

Vampire macroeconomics--Steve Martin
I refer you, then, to an article by Dennis Snower in the Journal of Political Economy, volume 90, number 3, entitled "Macroeconomic Policy and the Optimal Destruction of Vampires." Here is an extract from the introduction:
"Although human beings have endured the recurring ravages of vampires for centuries, scarcely any attempts have been made to analyze the macroeconomic implications of this problem and to devise socially optimal policy responses. Despite the increasing incidence of vampire epidemics in recent years (in Transylvania, Hollywood, and elsewhere), vampirism remains a thoroughly neglected topic in the theory of macroeconomic policy.
"The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework for the synthesis of vampirism and macroeconomics. Section II outlines a simple model of human and vampire behavior patterns. This model is devoted to a descriptive, nonoptimizing analysis of the delicate ecological balance between humans and vampires. The demographic and macroeconomic impacts of a particular vampire-stabilization policy are examined. Section III is concerned with the optimal destruction of vampires. This section demonstrates that it is socially undesirable to drive the vampire species to extinction. Furthermore, a vampire-neutrality theorem is discussed. Finally, Section IV suggests an area for further research: the formulation of optimal macroeconomic policy when vampires have rational expectations."
And they say that economics is the "dismal science!"
Love the podcast!

How I got the Wii for free
Rick K. got in line for Wii, walked out with two Tickle-me-Elmos and a Wii preorder slip, sold the Elmos, and paid for his Wii.

Fantasy Congress problems--Techpriest
To use the BOL fantasy congress league, you first have to sign up for the fantasy congress and get an account. Then you need to go this link and type in "bacon." You are now a league member! Also, would you three be interested in being guests on my podcast; even just one of you would be nice! I've been e-mailing you for weeks on this topic and have received no reply! I need some good guests and your names fit the bill. Please reply if you are interested.

Underclocking saves battery life--Joel
Just to let you know, most notebook GPUs are underclocked, and the biggest reason is to keep battery life to a maximum. Even lowering screen resolution and brightness can increase battery life, so underclocking a GPU is a good idea from a manufacturing standpoint. I personally own the Dell XPS M1710, and the Nvidia 7900 GTX is underclocked from stock. I overclocked using some software so that I can enjoy games at full potential, and battery life isn't a problem since I'm not gaming on the go very often. Love the podcast.

Are we really gone that much?
I realized that I only sent this to Molly. I went through the archives through last November and tallied your absences (I was really bored).
Tom: 21 gone, 5 phone-ins
Molly: 41 gone, 9 phone-ins
Veronica: 17 gone
Love the beef-cast! You guys make my morning every day, keep up the good work!

Halloween--Wayne B
For the last two podcasts (Thursday and Friday), I heard Molly mention how it is approaching Halloween in the United States. I just thought you would be pleased to know that Halloween is celebrated all over the world, including Canada, Australia, South America, U.K., Ireland (where most of the origins and traditions originated), and Mexico where it is part of Day of the Dead, which is a national holiday. And, like everything that has, is, or will exist on this or any other planet, you can find information on wikipedia.