Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Microsoft says "Let them eat cake"

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Microsoft says "Let them eat cake"

Veronica Belmont
3 min read
The Firefox team got a nice surprise this week when the IE team sent them a nice congratulatory cake for shipping Firefox 2! And no, poison was not involved. Also today, do you think the holiday season will be a bust? Let us know!
Punk-for-a-Day Day

Joyce from Long Island
I found out I can't walk and talk at the same time. I have a question. What's the best way to rip my CDs from iTunes and get rid of my DRM? I love iPod, I mean, iTunes.

Pete from Long Island
You're in more danger [being] under a group of power lines than talking on a cell phone.

Greg in advertising
About the Time Warner device. I'm sad that some of the most well- informed people in the world know nothing about advertising. There's no big consortium of big advertisers trying to force you to watch ads. We're people, too. We put on our Levi's and go to Starbucks just like everyone else.

How Apple could rule the world--Dennis O.
Apple would probably rule the world if it turned its little iPod into a portable hard drive containing your entire Mac OS, then sold inexpensive iScreens to the world that have only browsing capability out of the box and a cradle for the iPod. Plug in your iPod, and you have all your programs and files. When traveling, you only need to find an iScreen to be able to work. Small iScreens on the plane, train, or bus; big ones in the home or office. Real big ones for home entertainment. Of course, then the next big thing would be iBackup..

Vista works on Parallels. Yippee!--Ron G. MD
Hey, Tom and Veronica (not Molly):
I installed Vista RC1 on Parallels just to do it, and it works fine (not Aero glass). I assume the final release will run as well, notwithstanding the EULA, which apparently says you will not be able to run Vista Home editions on a virtual platform. Unfortunately, Office 7 does not want to install in Vista RC1 but I'll play with it.

Stop 'n' what?--Matthew S.
Unfortunately, there are no more Eckerd Drug Stores in Texas; they were bought out by CVS. Now, there are CVS stores everywhere! And in reference to Stop-N-Shop, I believe you're thinking of Stop-N-Go convenience stores. But I digress...

Two phones, one number--Troy, from Barbados
Have you ever wondered why cell phone companies don't allow you to have two cell phones for one phone number? I'm not rich or anything, but I would like to be able to just grab my BlackBerry when going to work but also be able to use a small no-frills phone when I'm running to the store or something without having to break them open and do open phone surgery to transplant SIM cards. Do you think it is a technical issue?
Thanks, and love the show. Keep up the good work.