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Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Are you there, Steve? It's me, Molly

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Are you there, Steve? It's me, Molly

Tom Merritt, Molly Wood, and Veronica Belmont
Tom Merritt, Molly Wood, and Veronica Belmont

We know you're listening to the show, Mr. Jobs, because Molly wanted an 8GB red Nano, and then it happened! While you're out there granting wishes, Veronica wants some recognition for all the fanaticism, and Tom wants to bro down.



National Sandwich Day (thanks, Dan!)

Isaac from Minnesota
I heard Tom say that California's about to overtake Wisconsin in cheese. Midwest cows rule.

Minh the .Net developer in Cincinnatti
About the no-benchmarking clause in Vista. It is no dot-net benchmarking. Dot-net 3.0 is a beta product. They've been consistent about not allowing benchmarks for beta products. When Vista does ship, I would worry, but not now.

Mike from Charlotte
I was changing my baby on the changing table, and I told my wife she was acting a little janky.

Bruce in Salt Lake
On the automatic delivery of IE 7. This is particularly nasty for my company. I did not want to have the automatic install. Microsoft does have a blocker. You can search for an IE 7 blocker with a blocking toolkit.

Who owns Zune.com?--Dennis O.
Upon closer look, Microsoft may have made a bigger blunder unless they've made arrangements to buy zune.com before choosing the name. The site was registered in 1998. Wouldn't you hate to be the marketing geek trying to convince TPTB to name a product Zune, only to discover you can't get zune.com! So whose cartoon is playing there, and will Microsoft take control? Hmmmm....

Molly makes the red Nano happen--Eric L.
When the (red) Nano was announced, didn't Molly complain that it wasn't the 8GB version? Did she say that she might even buy an 8GB if it came in a color other than black? Oh, Molly, you are so prescient.

E-voting no problem in Brazil--Luiz
I'm hearing your podcast right now, you're talking about electronic votes. Here in Brazil, we've been using electronic voting for the last 8 or 10 years, and it works very well. The machines are very good; they have backup machines in each voting place and even paper (for huge emergencies). Here voting is mandatory, so we had problems in the beginning because older people weren't used to using that kind of computer. But now it is okay, and last week we had president elections until 5 p.m., and at 8 p.m. we already knew who the winner was. It is possible to make it work, in a safe and bug-free way. :-)

Douglas County, Colorado, not a bad place for e-voting--Eric
You know, electronic voting is a frightening thing, (Texas was a mess when I lived there), but I was actually pretty happy with the way things worked here in Douglas County, Colorado. Unlike many other places that have the Deibold nightmare boxes, they are using the Harris Intercivic eSlates. It had an iPod-like interface, with a scrollwheel to select your choice, rather than touch screens, and it forced you to read your ballot before it was actually cast, and printed it out also, for you to verify. Everything worked, and though I have heard of problems with this system before, everything seemed to work out a bit better.

TV license for a £15 DVD player?--Iain
I was in a hardware store in the U.K. today and saw a DVD player for £15 ($25). I Looked at getting it, took it over to the cashiers, and here is the shocking part: They told me to give them my TV License details, and they would send it out to me by mail!!! Who needs a TV License to buy a cheapo DVD player??!! I mean, in the U.K. at least, it is quicker to get a firearms license than a DVD player! I'm so annoyed, I just might do that...Anyways, just a little shocked by that.

Australia gets friendly with YouTue--Gemma from Sydney, Australia!
G'day guys, love the show! There's been some talk, here in Australia, with law experts calling on copyright laws to be amended so that people can post online videos of themselves miming pop songs without risking prosecution. Keep up the good work!

So, that's where those hard drives went!--Nic W.
I was doing some contract work the other day; we unpacked a furnace, and when we went to install the heat-resistant ceramic blocks what did we find. You guessed it, the entire heat shielding consisted of Seagate hard disk drives!

Hooray for hockey!--Jason H
Today is truly a great day for NHL fans. Google Video now offers NHL games for free! I lubs me some hockey...