Buy a OnePlus One phone every Tuesday, no invite required

Getting your hands on one of these affordable Android smartphones is easier, thanks to a change in sales strategy.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

OnePlus makes it just a bit easier to obtain its One smartphone. Aloysius Low/CNET

OnePlus kicked off the week by announcing a change to its sales process that makes it easier to buy its OnePlus One smartphone without an invitation.

Starting February 10, and continuing every Tuesday henceforth, you can pick up the 16GB Silk White or 64GB Sandstone Black versions.

Since its launch about a year ago, the OnePlus One has been one of the more difficult smartphones to procure. After limited-time sales and preorders, OnePlus has been steadily tweaking its production schedule to get closer to general availability.

It's hard to tell whether the invitation system was designed to cope with production problems or is simply a way to generate hype. Whatever the reason, OnePlus isn't ditching it entirely. According to OnePlus, invitations will be the standard method of buying its phones 6 days out of 7.

In addition to the Tuesday open sales, OnePlus also announced a one-time promotion for India. On February 10, customers can buy the One smartphone through Amazon.in, again without an invitation.